Sawtry Junior Academy

Welcome to our Academy where we hope you will experience a wealth of enthusiasm for learning and for supporting and helping each other. We are sure you will quickly feel the friendly and positive ethos in the academy from both the staff and the children, who would love to share their latest pieces of work and activities with you.

We have been part of the Meridian Trust family since November 2016. Our academy is situated in the heart of the village of Sawtry and caters for children aged 7-11 (Key Stage 2).

We have approximately 270 pupils, in 10 single age classes. Most of our pupils come from the village of Sawtry; the remainder are from surrounding villages.

We aim to provide engaging learning activities for our children in a stimulating and supportive environment. Although our purpose is to promote the development of academic and practical skills, we also seek to guide children in their social and moral development. Between the ages of 7 and 11 children quickly grow and develop in maturity. The environment we provide for the children promotes independence, self-motivation, and confidence. We aim to develop the numerous social skills that are necessary for children to become responsible members of society.

We are proud of our Academy and of the part it plays in the community. Our success depends and relies upon the partnership that is fostered between the home and the Academy, and we value the hard work and support provided by parents and friends, Sawtry Junior Parent Association (Sawtry JPA) and the Academy Council. We also work hard with other providers in the village. As part of the Meridian Trust family, we have forged strong links with Sawtry Village Academy but also have strong links with Sawtry Infant School and Buttons and Bows pre-school with whom we share a site.


To find out more information about Sawtry Junior Academy, please see our website:-

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