About Us

Teach in Cambs has been designed to bring all Cambridgeshire school vacancies and careers advice together in one place. Candidates can find the best jobs in Cambridgeshire from our home-grown jobs board, created to match local talent with the vacancies in our region.

The majority of vacancies in Cambridgeshire are filled by local candidates and therefore it makes perfect sense that there is a tailor-made solution. Not only is this great news for candidates, but it allows us to offer a free tool for our schools too.

Whether you are a newly qualified teacher, a teacher looking to further your career or a school looking to fill some available vacancies, here at Teach in Cambs, we are dedicated to making the process simple and finding you the best talent in Cambridgeshire. Alternatively, if you are an individual looking to get into teaching, we have a multitude of resources available on teacher training routes, including further information on teacher internships.

Teach in Cambs is a not-for-profit site run by a group of cross phase headteachers and local authorities. It enables schools to benefit from huge financial savings on their national recruitment spends. We believe the future for local Cambridgeshire candidates is in Teach in Cambs.

What have we achieved?

  • Employed 80 primary Newly Qualified Teachers through the NQT pool system
  • Supported many secondary teachers through our workshops for new teachers
  • Been an integral part of the Cambs Edfest – positively promoting the teaching profession in Cambridgeshire
  • Helped over 700 trainees to find their first job
  • Created a new way to train as a teacher – paid teacher internships
  • Developed a Cambridgeshire Teacher vacancy board
  • Successfully built the only place you will find all the teacher training information together to find the right training route for you

Why should teachers and schools use this site?

Teach in Cambs has been created with the best interests of our schools and candidates at its heart. We can help you find the job you want and provide all the necessary guidance you might need to see you through the application process. In addition to providing schools a central location to find suitable teachers and important members of staff.

How do our candidates benefit?

  • All available vacancies in Cambridgeshire shown in one place
  • The best teaching jobs available from local schools
  • Leadership opportunities for teachers who are seeking career progression
  • Advice and guidance to support candidates through the application and interview process
  • Not just teaching jobs – we’ve located all school administrative, business and facilities roles too
  • Vacancies available for newly qualified teachers

Research has shown that schools in the UK spend collectively more than £180 million on advertising jobs, via national or non-specialist jobs websites and agencies which puts even more pressure on already strained budgets.

Take a look at how our service can benefit schools and educational institutions:

  • Perfect for recruiting teachers, leaders and support staff
  • Acts as a one-stop-shop for all recruitment needs within schools
  • Schools can showcase themselves as employers to profile their establishments and to promote incentives to potential candidates such as additional CPD
  • Save money for schools by offering cost effective solutions, reducing the need for national advertising
  • Host news articles, blogs, initiatives, details of careers events and resources
  • Reach a wide audience of candidates applying for jobs within commuting distance
  • Collectively contributing to retaining teaching talent within the region
  • Reduce the need to re-advertise posts – saving schools both time and money