Peckover Primary School

Peckover is a large primary school in the heart of the thriving market town of Wisbech. We are lucky to have a diverse and vibrant community where everyone feels safe and special. It is a happy place to learn, where children, staff and parents are valued and welcome- a place where we all work together to achieve the best for each individual child. We are proud that OFSTED recognised this in our school: ‘Peckover provides a very caring and supportive environment for pupils and families, and plays an important part in the local community.

Our Ethos
We listen to children; they are fundamental to all we do in school. We value their input and want them to feel a part of making their school a better place.

We offer a creative curriculum, rich in memories and opportunities. We believe children learn best when they are given first hand experiences; why show a child a picture of a river in a book, when they could put on their wellies to explore? We give high priority to literacy and numeracy and will always strive to teach these in an innovative and exciting way. The arts and ICT are central to our ethos in enhancing our curriculum and children’s enjoyment of school.

In 2013 we took the exciting step to join the Brooke Weston Trust. This means that we benefit from being part of a larger and extremely successful academic organisation and having access to facilities and opportunities beyond a school’s normal scope.