Orchards Church of England Primary Academy

Orchards C of E Academy is a large and growing primary school with a nursery attached. The school serves an estate to the north of Wisbech in an area of high deprivation. The school has a higher than average number of pupils with English as an additional language, and this population continues to grow.

The school’s Head Teacher is still new to post, having been in role since September 2018, and she is committed to improving the quality of provision that the school offers – this includes providing an excellent academic platform for the children to build their foundations on, as well as further developing the excellent work that the school does in the community, and establishing close links with the parent body.

Orchards strives to inspire and challenge children to be their best. We aim to work towards a balance, for every child, between challenge and support. This is in addition to developing the all-important sense of enjoyment and wellbeing that is at the heart of good learning. We will invest time listening and considering what our pupils and their parents say since even the youngest members of our community should have a say in determining their school’s future. In return we will expect our pupils’ best efforts, perseverance and unlimited enthusiasm to learn new skills and knowledge.

The school’s Christian ethos underpins the life of the school and manifests itself in a community that cares greatly about every individual’s needs. As a result, pupils at the school enjoy their learning. Learners feel secure and happy.

As a school, we are committed to nurturing and developing our staff. We want passionate people who are excited by the prospect of joining out team and making a real impact on the lives of the children in the school. In turn, we would make a real commitment to you, by offering mentoring, coaching and career development plans to enable you to become the best school practitioner you can possibly be.